Kim Andre Ottesen

Reproduction – an exhibition in cooperation

Two month communication experiment, exhibition concept and catalogue.

Exhibited at Grafill R21 May 8 – May 25

Spring 2013

Typefaces: Plantin, Spartan

Print: Nilz & Otto

Paper: Munken Pure

What do you end up with when you filter a message through a long chain of seasoned communicators? During a two-month long workshop, we wanted to explore what would happen when skilled people got together to push the boundaries of communicating even further.

Together with Grafill, the Norwegian organization of graphic designers and illustrators, we contacted some of the best we could find, and made them put aside 48 hours each, to an exciting experiment in the name of communication. Then, we gave the very first participant a written brief, and passed the result on to the next in line – who would guess the original brief, and solve it. Again, the result was given to the following participant. When the last participant had finished his interpretation, we put it all together as an exhibiton at Grafill R21, celebrating an orgy of cooperative expression, experienced reproduction, and happy accidents.

When developing the visual direction of the project, we experimented a lot with how the idea of a constant chain of coding / decoding could be represented visually, making looping animations and seemingly unplanned elements a vital part of the final visual profile.

For the exhibition itself, we were looking for a system that would function as a clear guide through the project's timeline, but with a certain un-authoritarian transparency. It had to match the casual mood of the project, but still tell a story, in a way. Using zip ties, we connected 100 standard IVAR shelf-structures from IKEA to build a construction in the middle of the room that we hung all the different works on.

Thanks to all the participants: Steinar og Mats, Sergio Haisch, Eivind Molvær, Jon Arne Berg, Moa Nordahl, Max Estes, Remi Juliebø, All Tomorrow's, Frode Skaren, Kim Holm, Mari Kanstad Johnsen, Junn Paasche-Aasen, Khim Tengesdal, Lid & Wiken, Blank Blank, Ugly Portraits, Ofhvidsten, Peter-John de Villiers, Fredrik Melby, Eller med A, Oscar Grønner, Work In Progress, Jens Tandberg & Kenneth Pettersen and Carl Gürgens.

Also, we would like to thank Grafill, Nilz & Otto and Paul Van Brunschot.

In cooperation with Axel Gustafsson, Jonas Ersland, Marcus Pedersen, Martin Asbjørnsen and Mike Patterson.