Kim Andre Ottesen

Øyafestivalen visual identity


Full identity for Øyafestivalen – exam at Westerdals School of Communication

Concept, custom type, web, magazine

Spring 2012

Typefaces: Øya Sans Unicase (custom), Dada Grotesk

A complete identity system for a festival with a unique and strong position in Norwegian music culture. The festival is built on the values of innovation, commitment and idealism with integrity. While being innovative, they need to bring themselves forward without undermining their history and strong brand position. In their last audience survey, Øyafestivalen did very well in most areas – especially in marketing both during the festival and throughout the remaining 360 days of the year. These 360 days are the key to the branding, visualized as a “loading” towards the festival – the climax of the year.

With Øyafestivalen's focus on the environment, it was natural to focus their communication around digital media and innovating on the web platform, since this reduces the need for paper, and because the web is a dynamic medium which fits the concept.



Øyafestivalen poster concept

The posters visualize the concept by being filled gradually throughout the year, as new bookings and information are revealed.

Øyafestivalen – logo

The logo fills up throughout the year, reflecting the loading concept while creating a seaside horizon, relevant to the festival location.

Øya Sans Unicase
Øya Sans Unicase

Øya Sans Unicase – a quirky custom drawn type, built on the concept of circular loading.

Øyafestivalen web concept

The dynamic poster is continued in the website concept, where all the information is laid out on a 5000x5000 px surface, and a portion of this is showed in the viewport. This allows for navigating freely around in a big space, fitted perfectly for modern touch devices.

Øyafestivalen web concept

Each area of the website contains a responsive block of information.

Øya – magazine

An example of a poster at the end of the cyclus.

Øya – map fold-out

The identity is inspired by the fanzine culture and style, and the Øya magazine where rethought as a fanzine, where the fans actually can fill in their own information, replicate and share.

Øya – magazine

Map and festival programme is mounted with a simple rubber band to enhance the fanzine feeling.

Øya – map fold-out

Fold-out map mounted inside the fanzine.